Low Voltage Switchgears

If you are here looking for the pre-eminent modern switchgears in the market then you’re in the right place, because we offer a wide variety of switchgears, which are devices that sanction opening and closing of electrical circuits in the occurrence of high voltage and any fault detected within the circuit.
We not only ensure we bestow goods to you but also safety is a priority to our customers.

We offer items such as:


These are protective devices which consist of a strip of wire which normally breaks contact when current exceeding safe levels is passed through it. We therefore do offer several types of fuses such as the Glass fuses, High rupturing capacity fuses, and cartridge fuses among others.


These are protective devices which detect short circuits and in turn segregates the main electrical component from the power supply. We do offer both double pole and triple pole isolators with Ampere ratings of as low as 20A to as high as over 100A. 


Contactors are electromechanical devices that break or make contact between the Load and the power supply. We consider all our clients well enough to offer a wide variety of contactors ranging from as low as 9A to as high as over 150A rated contactor. When it comes to quality, we offer you one of the best brands from Italy by the name Ghisalba.


Relays are electrically operated switches which use electromagnetic coil to transmit signals. Relays can also be used where once signal is intended to control several circuits. For the relays, we do offer a wide range of coil rating from as low as 12V to as high as 240V while for the number of pins we have as low as 4-pin relays to as high as 14-pin relays.

Limit switches

Limit switches are sensing devices that send signals once physical contact is made with the actuator. These switches are commonly used in industrial controls and in lifts as well.

Miniature circuit breakers

These are electrically operated switches that normally trip when there’s a short circuit or overload within its circuit. Its main purpose is to prevent damage to electrical appliances connected to the circuit. We have gone an extra mile to serve our customers with one of the best brands from France. Our Legrand circuit breakers are not only there to give you safety but also service is assured.

When searching for a reliable electrician, call us at +254 20 7651444. We specialize in electrical repairs, indoor and outdoor lighting installations, panel upgrades, and even hot tub wiring!

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