Inventive Hospital Automation Solutions & Devices

Access switches and touch panels with an antimicrobial surface that’s easy to clean, as all of Legrand’s Mosaic range of products are designed with hygiene in mind. A special mark identifies these hygiene.

Hospital Automation Solutions For Nurse Call Systems

Accessibility is a key principle for the healthcare range of products. Able bodied people as well as those with limited mobility have been considered in the design of these products. Some of the types available include hand-held remote control units and call units, door units and interphone units, corridor signaling devices and more.

Hospital Automation Solutions For Bedhead Strips/Luminaries

Assisted living products such as motion sensors that turn on some low-level lighting to aid a patient to navigate without disorienting them. With very low consumption and an estimated life of 100,000 hours, these solutions can be used for a reading light only, or for reading and room.

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