Automatic Voltage Regulator Solutions

The Automatic Voltage Regulator, whose purpose is to ensure that the User/electrical equipment is fed a voltage subject to a variation much lower (±1% with regard to the nominal value) than the one guaranteed by the distributing system, is available at Power Controls. An AVR Automatic Voltage Regulator is made of a buck/boost transformer, a voltage regulator and an electronic control.

Based on a microprocessor that samples at high frequency the input/output voltage, the control system drives the regulator gear motor.

By doing so, the regulator rollers change their position and therefore the voltage drawn and supplied to the buck/boost transformer primary winding. Being the secondary voltage of the buck/boost transformer in phase or in opposition to the supply, the voltage drawn from the regulator is added or subtracted to the mains voltage, thus compensating its variations.

The stabilization is performed on the «true rms» voltage, and it is not affected by harmonics in the mains. Due to the fact that the regulation does not involve any sine wave slicing (which is what happens in power electronic converters such as inverters and UPSs), neither an appreciable harmonic distortion nor a phase displacement is introduced on the downstream line.

The AVR Automatic Voltage Regulator is not impacted by the load power factor (cos φ) and can operate with a load percentage varying between 0% and 100% on each phase. Regulation speed depends on the input voltage variation percentage and on the type of construction. Indicatively, said speed ranges between 8 and 30millisec/V.

LEGA Automatic Voltage Regulator Solutions

LEGA is a world leader in the field of voltage regulation and power protection. Wherever mains supply is erratic and unreliable, LEGA power stabilizers come through as the ideal solution to protect all your domestic, commercial and industrial installations. And enabling your appliances to operate efficiently, wherever you are in the world.

From small domestic appliances to large applications (1MVA), LEGA can provide you with a solution. 

With single and three phase applications available, the LEGA range of voltage regulators is your answer in the most unstable of power conditions.

Over & Under Voltage Stabilization Protection for Medical Equipment, Buildings, Factories, Computers, Servers, Telecom Units & Satellites/VSAT
Protection against:
  • High voltage
  • Low voltage
  • Spikes/surges
  • Lightning
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